Washington Trucking school is a CDL school located in Olympia, WA, we provide quality training for Class A, Class B, Passenger/School Bus and Hazmat Training. 

Each Of Our instructorhas over 30 years of Teaching Experience with  Accident/Violation Free Driving Background. They take the time to provide our students with quality training so that you don’t just pass your CDL exam but become a safe Professional Driver that is road ready. 

Washington Trucking School believes in giving their students the attention that they deserve, that is why we offer small class sizes. This allows you to have more one-on-one time to work with your instructor. 

Driving a Tractor/Trailer can be stressful if you don’t have the proper training. We take the time to go over various scenarios that drivers may end up facing in their careers. When you graduate from Washington Trucking School you don’t just walk away with your CDL but with the knowledge of our experienced instructors. 

With more drive time offered , you will have more confidence when it comes to preparing for your job as a Licensed Commercial Driver. Ask us about our Job Placement Opportunities, we want to help you start a successful driving career in the Trucking Industry. 

We offer quality training for the following:

Class A CDL Training – 160 Hours – 4 weeks

Class B CDL Training – 80 Hours – 2 weeks

Class A refresher course – 40 Hours – 1 week

Passenger Endorsement – 14 Hours 

School Bus Endorsement – 30 Hours

Hazmat Endorsement Training – 16 Hours

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