Endorsements, Certifications and Remedial Training (Additional Hrs. Apart from a CDL Program)

  • Passenger Endorsement – 14 hrs. – 4 hrs. Classroom/10 hrs. Proficiency
  • School Bus Endorsement – 30 hrs. – 20 hrs. Classroom/10 hrs. Proficiency
  • Refresher Course – 40 hrs. – One week backing and driving training.
  • Manual Certification – Upgrade to a manual shift. (Pre-Trip/Backing/Driving)
  • Hazmat Certification – 16 hr. – Course (requires additional TSA Fees)
  • Remedial Training* – (A, B, or C) – (4 hrs. Additional hours $100/hr)
Washington Trucking School trains you and gets you licensed with no restrictions. If you test in an automatic vehicle like a lot of our competitors you will only be able to drive an automatic vehicle which severely restricts your employment options.

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